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Spain - Jerez. Aged in cask in the traditional Solera system within the ancient cathedral style cellars of Barbadillo, this wine is a blend of old Olorosos and Pedro Ximénez. This special ageing and blending gives this Sherry its characteristic mahogany colour, rich walnut aroma, smooth full body and sweet raisin finish.


Its fruity aroma and intense colour make this wine an ideal choice to serve as an aperitif alongside nibbles such as cheese, nuts, olives and canopes. The pleasing and intense flavour is the perfect complement to white meat curries, roast pork, sauteed rice dishes with pines nuts and raisins or foie gras. In addition, it is excellent at the dessert course when matched with cured cheeses, raisin ice cream or chocolate with banana cream and nuts. Delicious! In order to best appreciate this wine's special qualities, it should be served at an ambient temperature of between 12º to 15º, using a wine glass; this applies if drunk as an aperitif or if served with a meal. For a change, give it a try in a brandy glass with a slice of lemon.

  • Grape

    Palomino Fino

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