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Andwell Resolute bitter

Andwell Resolute bitter

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Andwell Brewing Company is a true family business, run by Adam Komrower and his wife, Helen.

Production began in October 2008 and then Andwell’s relocated in 2011 to allow the brewery's expansion and the installation of the Brewery’s new 20 barrel ‘Bavarian Brewery Technology’ brewhouse and fermenting vessels and cask washer – which the Andwell’s Team use to produce our ‘Beautifully crafted Hampshire ales’.

Adam's recipes for each of the Brewery’s Hampshire beers have been carefully crafted in order to optimise the characteristics found in some of the finest hops and floor-malted Maris Otter barley available.

RESOLUTE : Taking its name from a town within the high Arctic, despite its cool name this is the sort of bitter that we’re sure you’ll easily warm to. Andwell’s Best Bitter combines the finest malt and hops to produce a well balanced malty and hoppy flavour with a light amber colour.


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