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Pelee Island Vidal Ice Wine 2016 - 375ml

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Pelee Island is Canada’s largest independent winery, nestled in the western basin of Lake Erie, Canada’s most southerly location.  With the most sunshine hours in Canada, and proximity to the warm shallow waters of Lake Erie, it has an ideal microclimate for grape growing. 

Icewine is produced from grapes which are left on the vine till the depths of winter when temperatures fall below -10 C and the grapes have frozen solid naturally on the vine, concentrating the grape sugars. The grapes are then pressed before the water in the grape is allowed to thaw, releasing incredibly sweet, concentrated grape must.

This is a lusciously sweet dessert wine with rich, concentrated aromas of apricots and peaches, cut through with tingling acidity and a long finish. Enjoy it on its own or as an accompaniment to semi sweet desserts.




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