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Taylor's Very Old Single Harvest Port 1964

Taylor's Very Old Single Harvest Port 1964

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 Single Harvest Ports are blended wines from a single year which have been aged in oak casks. They are fully mature and ready to drink when bottled.  The long period of wood ageing gives them their characteristic amber colour, smooth velvety palate, warm mellow flavours and nose full of rich complex aromas. Single Harvest Ports are ready for immediate drinking and do not need to be decanted. Although best known for its elegant and long lasting Vintage Ports, Taylor’s is also the leading producer of Aged Tawny Ports and holds one of the largest stocks of fine cask aged wine of any Port house.
 The first in the series will be a rich, mellow and spicy 1964 Single Harvest Port which will be offered to markets across the world from January 2014 to coincide with landmark 50th birthdays and anniversaries.
It will be presented in a classic Taylor’s frosted bottle, and packaged in a high quality beech-wood box.
Around 2,000 bottles will be available.
Pale mahogany in colour, with olive amber highlights, this complex, spicy and nutty 50 year old wood aged Port has a warm mellow background of butterscotch and molasses on the nose, with a smooth velvety palate. Despite its great age, it has crisp acidity which gives it attractive freshness. It has an immensely long  finish with rich, spicy, black pepper   flavours which linger on the palate.
The 1964 Taylor’s Single Harvest Port will be followed in 2015 by the equally rare and exceptional 1965.
Further releases of 50 year old Single Harvest Ports will follow.




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